2016-2017 Concert Series

Red Cedar Express| Hussite Fantasy | Backlash Bach

Miera Kim, Carey Bostian

Red Cedar Express

October 2, 2016 at 3 pm
The Englert Theatre
221 East Washington St.,
Iowa City, IA
Tickets $22. Available online at www.englert.org or call 319-688-2653

October 8, 2016 at 7pm
First Presbyterian Church
310 Fifth Street SE
Cedar Rapids IA
Tickets $15 in advance or $18 at the door. Thirty and under $10. Call 319-338-0307

Miera Kim (violin) _____ Carey Bostian (cello)

All aboard! Come take a ride on the Red Cedar Express, an exciting new composition by Iowa Composer Michael Kimber, written especially for the new core ensemble’s debut performance. Join violinist Miera Kim and cellist Carey Bostian as they present a powerful duo program which includes works by Bach and Kummer, as well as the Hungarian masters, Bartók and Kodály. Don’t miss Kodály’s monumental Duo, which takes the players to the limits of their instruments. Photo by Forrest Tomes. Special thanks to Artist Sponsors Juanita Dennert and Schultz Strings.

The Program
Red Cedar Express

Red Cedar Express by Michael Kimber
World Premiere

Two-Part Inventions by J.S. Bach

Duets for Two Violins by Béla Bartók

Duo Concertante Op. 67, No. 1 by F.A. Kummer

Duo Op. 7 by Zoltán Kodály

Audience Comments:
Red Cedar Express


“Awesome! Thank you!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard such virtuosity on a live stage. A very well-chosen, flowing program executed with amazing style, timing, intonation…the phrasing absolutely captured my undivided attention throughout the entire span – something that doesn’t often happen! Thanks again!!” R.S.

“It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to expose kids to this music. This knowledge helps them to expand critical thinking and apply it to topics in our class.” M.O., music teacher

“I very much enjoyed the concert at Methwick. The program included a wide variety of music that kept the audience engaged. It is great to see Red Cedar continue the tradition of bringing important music to the community.” T.L.

“Loved the concert – at least three big WOWs – and multiple chills. Thanks for a wonderful evening.” B.T.

“Beautiful music in an intimate setting. We so appreciate Red Cedar’s rural outreach. Thank you to the sponsors who make this possible!” E.S.

“The concert at the Colloton Pavilion was one of the best concerts I have heard. The music of Kummer needs a major revival, and Kodály’s Duo made me want to go to Hungary. The musicians are extraordinarily gifted. What an experience! Thank you.” R.K.

“This was a fantastic performance. It is incredibly fortunate that I get to see such talent. It was beautiful.” T.P.

“Fantastic – made it fun. Many years since I had been to a concert. Will come again and follow.” D.L.

“I was blown away! Still recovering - can’t talk yet! Incredibly polished, super chemistry. VERY challenging program but beautifully played They were (ADD SUPERLATIVE OF YOUR CHOICE)! Thanks!” M.B.



The Iowa Arts Council presents

Hussite FantasyCarey Bostian, Miera Kim, Philip Wharton

February 25, 2017
7 pm
First Presbyterian Church
2701 Rochester Ave. Iowa City, IA
Tickets $15 in advance or $18 at the door. Thirty and under $10.
Call (319) 338-0307 or email


February 26, 2017
3 pm
National Czech-Slovak Museum
1400 Inspirational Pl SW,
Cedar Rapids, IA.
Tickets $15 in advance or $18 at the door.
Thirty and under $10. Tickets online at http://www.ncsml.org/event/red-cedar-chamber-music-hussite-fantasy/ or call (319) 362-8500.

Miera Kim (violin)
Philip Wharton (violin)
Karin Addis (viola)
Carey Bostian (cello)

How do you turn a battle hymn into a concert piece for string quartet? Composer Philip Wharton knew just what to do when the Vavra family commissioned him in 2008 to write a piece in honor of the 150th anniversary of the (historically Czech) First Presbyterian Church near Ely, Iowa.  Wharton’s composition springboards off a 15th-century Czech battle hymn, turning it into a fantasy, a waltz and a furiant. Red Cedar brings Hussite Fantasy home to Ely and also honors its long relationship with the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in a program celebrating Czech music and culture. Miera Kim and Carey Bostian are joined by Iowa City native, violist Karin Addis, and composer and violinist Philip Wharton.

Additional support provided by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Special thanks to Artist Sponsors Don & Irene (Naxera) Hamous and Vic & Jan Naxera in memory of Max Naxera.

iowa arts council

The Program
Hussite Fantasy

Hussite Fantasy by Philip Wharton

Quartet Concertant Over Czech Folk Songs by Jerry Owen

String Quartet No. 5 in f minor by Antonín Dvorak

Audience Comments:
Hussite Fantasy


Backlash Bach Carey Bostian, Miera Kim, Isaac Pastor-Chermak,

April 21, 2017
7 pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
320 E College St., Iowa City, IA.
Admission free.

April 22, 2017
8 pm
Westminster Presb. Church
1285 Third Ave. SE
Cedar Rapids IA.
Tickets $15 in advance or $18 at the door. Thirty and under $10. Call 319-338-0307.

Isaac Pastor-Chermak (cello) ___ Carey Bostian (cello) ___ Miera Kim (violin)

Entirely new Bach? Guest artist Isaac Pastor-Chermak, cello, joins Miera Kim and Carey Bostian to bring Bach’s Viola da Gamba Sonatas to life in a fresh new way. Originally for Gamba with Harpsichord Obligato, the two independent lines of the harpsichord are played by violin and cello, creating what amounts to a three-part invention. Immerse yourself in virtuoso string playing as Red Cedar Chamber Music presents Bach’s masterpieces in a 21st-century context. Photo by Adrian Lloyd Bostian.

The Program
Backlash Bach

Bach, J.S. Sonatas for Viola da Gamba.

Audience Comments:
Backlash Bach



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